What is a Doula?

Common frequently asked questions, answered


Frequently Asked Questions

Doulas support in pregnancy, birth and in the postnatal period by providing information, advocacy, and offering practical and emotional support to the whole family.

In my role as your doula, our initial meeting is dedicated to getting acquainted, understanding your priorities, addressing any fears or concerns and devising a care plan. I encourage ongoing communication through phone calls and emails to stay updated on your progress. During our second meeting, we typically delve into birth care preparations. We will also discuss how you and your partner can work together effectively. It's important for me to become familiar with your birth care preferences and I help you with how you want to be cared for. I have received training in aromatherapy for childbirth and I can introduce you to various essential oils. I have also undergone biomechanics training for childbirth and I can demonstrate positions that can be beneficial before or during labour.

Midwifes provide medical care and are qualified to manage medical aspects of pregnancy and birth, while doulas offer non-medical support, emphasizing emotional well-being and comfort during the childbirth experience. Many people choose to have both a midwife and a doula as part of their support team to benefit from both medical expertise and emotional support.

How I support you during your birth? I am available to you 10 days before your due date.  You can contact me at any time, day or night, if you believe you may be going into labour or are already in labour. After discussing the situation during our phone conversation, we will decide together on the best plan, whether it's for me to come to your home or meet you at the hospital, depending on your chosen birthplace, Home or Hospital. I will remain with you throughout labour until your baby is born. I will then visit you within two weeks.Additionally, I will be accessible for WhatsApp and phone calls for up to six weeks after the baby's birth, providing support for various needs, including breastfeeding, as well as offering guidance and signposting to help you."